Hi, I’m Eliot Peper.

I write novels like Foundry. I also consult on special projects.

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“If an Eliot Peper novel is a canny synthesis of new technology set against far-flung locales, then Eliot himself is also a synthesizer of people and projects — a powerful integrator. I strongly recommend his newsletter.”
-Robin Sloan, author of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and Sourdough

“Whatever Peper writes about is what we’ll be talking about for the next year, and grappling with for the next decade.”
-James Cham, partner at Bloomberg Beta

“Relentlessly readable. Be warned, if you start, you probably won't stop.”
-San Francisco Magazine

“Peper has this ability to write about the future in a way that is at once completely recognizable and totally imaginary and extremely realistic and also optimistic while also being utterly compelling enough to galvanize our present—also, his writing is just so fucking fun to read.”
-Eva Hagberg, author of When Eero Met His Match and How to Be Loved

“Consistently makes step-function leaps in imagination.”
-Brad Feld, managing director at Foundry Group

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Novelist: Foundry, Reap3r, Veil, Breach, Borderless, Bandwidth, Neon Fever Dream, Cumulus, Exit Strategy, Power Play, and Version 1.0.